Clinic Reservation Request

  • If the SUBMIT button is NOT visible at the bottom of this form, we are NOT accepting requests because Reservations are either NOT Open Yet or Clinic is FULL. Please do NOT email to ask for appointment slots.

CATS MUST BE IN TRAP–one cat per trap please! OUTDOOR STRAY/FERAL CATS ONLY!  This service is NOT for pets.  Ear Tips are REQUIRED–no exceptions!!

Microchips available $5.

KITTENS MUST BE 3 POUNDS and 3 months old!  Multiple Kittens in one trap will NOT be accepted.  The cats are sedated THROUGH the traps and are not permitted to be handled by volunteers until AFTER sedation for safety purposes and due to the Rabies Law.

Please submit this form only once…

Form must be completed by Caregiver bringing the cats to clinic.

You are NOT PERMITTED to give your appointments to someone else!This is a humane box trap. Cats must come in one of these!