Ovaban Birth Control For Cats

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OVABAN is by prescription ONLY to the active colonies that Fairchild is helping sterilize. If you do not live in our area, please contact your veterinarian.

Ovaban is utilized as an oral contraceptive to reduce the number of litters born into a colony while the cats are being humane trapped and neutered.  The dosages indicated below are low enough to be safe but effective based on previous studies and use by our colonies.  The average dose is 0.5-1 mg per cat per week. We have had great success in preventing HUNDREDS of Pregnancies in the past 15 years, thus reducing the unwanted cat overpopulation BY MILLIONS!

NEVER give more medication than is directed.

Human Megace (40 mg/ml) is diluted down to 5 mg per ml with distilled water–this suspension is used instead of crushing the name-brand Ovaban 5 mg tablets (1 tablet = 1 ml).   Due to the rising cost of Megace liquid, generic megesterol tablets may also be used.

It is very important that you continually evaluate the size of your colony and insure that you are using the correct dosage and frequency for the size of your colony.

Total Number of Cats in the Colony Dosage / Frequency of Colony
< 5 cats 0.5 ml ONCE a week
5-7 cats 1.0 ml ONCE a week
8-11 cats 1.5 ml ONCE a week
12-15 cats 1.0 ml  TWICE a week
16-19 cats 1.5 ml  TWICE a week
20-23 cats 1.6 ml  TWICE a week
24-27 cats 2.0 ml  TWICE a week
28-31 cats 2.2 ml  TWICE a week
32-35 cats 2.5 ml  TWICE a week
36-39 cats 2.8 ml  TWICE a week
40 + cats 3.0 ml  TWICE a week

1)    This medication MUST be mixed in CANNED cat food and served on multiple plates or dishes (NO PAPER).  Use one 5.5 oz can of cat food for every 3 cats in your colony.  It is very important to spread it out on as many plates as possible so the entire colony is being medicated as evenly as possible.
2)    Shake the bottle of medication vigorously as the ovaban settles to the bottom.  It is very important that the ovaban is mixed thoroughly before dosing to avoid under/overdose.  Divide the appropriate dose of medication for your colony evenly among the plates of food and mix it thoroughly into each plate of food.
4)    Store medication with bottle tightly capped in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
5)    Wash syringe with dish soap and water.  Rinse thoroughly.  Allow syringe to air dry on a paper towel.
6)    DO NOT SKIP OR MISS A DOSE!  If you were unable to dose the cats on your scheduled day, do so on the very next day and resume your schedule the following week.  For colonies that require a frequency of 2 x per week, the dosages MUST be spaced out.

OVABAN & Refills may be picked up on the 3rd Sunday 10am-2pm during our monthly clinics Jan-November at the back of THE VET ON MAIN (330 West Main Street, Rt 724, Birdsboro, PA 19508). $5 for 60-70 mls, which will last a 15-20 cat colony about 5 months.

For More Information on Birth Control for Cats Visit birthcontrolforcats.com